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The Veterinary Change Catalyst

Are you ready for a change?

Are you feeling lost in your career or struggling with your work/life balance and wellbeing? Do you need to make a positive change or perhaps you just feel like something’s not quite right and your struggling to put a finger on it?

The Vet Change Catalyst is just what you need. Invest in some time-out to re-energise and gain new insights for the changes you need to make in your life.

The Vet Change Catalyst programme 2018 kicks off 9th-11th October and runs up to Christmas 2018

Who is it for?

There are three groups of veterinary professionals who could benefit from the Vet Change Catalyst.

  • Vet professionals who know there is an issue in their work, wellbeing or life and are looking for effective ways to deal with it
  • Those who know there’s an issue, but are struggling to put their finger on the cause and so want to spend time clarifying what their issue is before working on the ways to deal with it
  • People who are looking for innovative tools to inspire creativity, work on problems and deliver change in their work or personal lives.

Examples could include reaching a career crossroads, feeling demotivated and burnt out or preparing for a life changing event such as practice ownership or sale, having a family or retiring.

What will I get from the Vet Change Catalyst?

The Vet Change Catalyst Programme is three months long and kicks off with a two-day retreat running 9th -11th October. It’s followed by 3-4 personal coaching sessions on your return home. It is a perfect introduction to the Natural Change approach that will leave you with a range of practical tools and personal skills to get the most out of your own experiences of nature after the retreat.

The retreat element is designed to help cultivate wellbeing through a transformative experience of nature. Each participant will be encouraged to work on their own needs during the retreat and will be equipped through the individual and group exercises with tools and techniques to help in their future.

We’ll then support you with confidential, personal coaching upon your return home, helping you bring the tools and your decisions to life.

What could that mean for you?

Perhaps you’ll be able to make better decisions with less worry, develop a resourceful, positive mindset or to develop a plan to improve your own wellbeing – for the rest of your life.

Previous attendees often report the Change Catalyst is a transformative experience, telling us that they:

  • Feel liberated, revived and inspired
  • Enjoy richer relationships with others and with nature
  • Gain unexpected insights and a fresh perspective on the world
  • Reconnect with the things that are truly important to them
  • Develop their confidence, energy and strength to do what matters

Does it count towards my RCVS CPD requirement?

Yes it does. The Veterinary Change Catalyst is a personal development programme, using proven techniques to help people cultivate their personal wellbeing, resilience and to reconnect with the natural world. This supports the RCVS definition of CPD:-

“CPD, is the process of continually maintaining, improving and broadening your skills and knowledge, as well as developing personal qualities, which help to ensure you remain professionally competent.”

Whilst on the retreat, all of the waking time is development time and actively managed. When returning home, a further 3-5 hours of coaching will be given. That could be as much as 24 hours of CPD!

How does the Veterinary Change Catalyst Retreat work?

The Vet Change Catalyst retreat element is carefully tailored for the whole veterinary team. It offers a rare and valuable opportunity to develop your capacity and resilience and to reflect deeply on the direction and next steps of your professional journey. Working with the team from Natural Change, a highly experienced provider of personal development courses, we’ve designed this course specifically for the veterinary profession.

Over two days in a beautiful Derbyshire gritstone manor house called Roaches Hall, near Leek in Staffordshire and working mainly outside, you will be expertly guided through a series of activities and practices that draw on the transformative potential of nature to help you reflect, refresh yourself and reconnect with nature.

This introduction to the Natural Change approach will introduce you to some simple, yet highly effective, nature-based techniques to look after your wellbeing and reflect on your path. The retreat runs over two days – from late afternoon on Tuesday 9th October to late afternoon on Thursday 11th October. It is residential and fully catered with fabulous, home cooked vegetarian food. A maximum of 12 participants work with two facilitators ensuring an exceptional quality of experience. The whole process is gently and expertly facilitated and supported.

Once you return home, we’ll help you to introduce the changes you need into your life by supporting you with three months of personal coaching. This confidential coaching is provided by telephone, Skype or if geography allows it, face to face and includes unlimited email support.

What does it include and how much does it cost?

The Veterinary Change Catalyst programme includes the 2 day retreat and three months of confidential, one-to-one coaching. The retreat includes full board and accommodation, delicious vegetarian food, professional facilitators and all materials.

Early Bird Rate for bookings before 1/8/2018 : £1200+VAT – That’s 20% discount!

From 1/8/2018: £1,500+VAT.



We gather at 4.00pm on arrival day for a welcome and introductions. There will be an overview of the programme before having dinner together, followed by informal conversations to get to know one another and settle in. The ensures we are all ready to engage fully tomorrow; it is an integral part of the retreat.


After breakfast, we lead you through a series of outdoor activities that help us to slow down, unwind and connect with the others in the group and the place. After lunch you will be guided to explore more deeply what it is you are hoping to get from the retreat. Following a break we gather to prepare, practically and mentally, for the “solo” which forms the heart of the Natural Change process. We head out alone for up to four hours. As darkness falls, we return for supper and sleep.


After breakfast, you work alone to decide what you might like to share with the group about your solo experience. We then lead the group through an extraordinary, gentle, beautiful and often profoundly powerful process of collective reflection and review. After lunch you will be guided to reflect on how you might apply your newfound insights, not only finding the courage to step into what is next, but also maintaining your focus and well-being on your journey.

We then take our leave of each other before departing at 4.30 pm.

FOLLOW UP COACHING – 3 months or maximum 4 sessions.

Before you leave, we’ll arrange to speak confidentially to each participant to work out a plan for supporting you back in your daily life. This will usually entail three personal coaching sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Conducted by telephone or Skype, these one-to-one coaching sessions will enable you to embed your new found skills and practices or to help you take an idea forward.

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